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Lake Fannin  Park is located in Northern Fannin County in North East Texas.


Some History

    The Lake we see today, with the timber and stone structures on the west shore, were creations of the federal Rural Resettlement Administration (not the WPA or CCC) between1936 and 38, when as many as 400 workman with a variety of skills, mainly from county relief rolls, were employed, along with horses and mules. An earlier, smaller lake was drained and the dam constructed. Stone was quarried from a nearby property along Red River. While the recreational amenities of the completed project were immediately recognized by by weekend "thousands" throughout the 1940s, high among the original objectives was the demonstrations of modern soil conservation practices promoted by Texas A&M University, on land called 'sub-marginal," exhausted by cotton production and the ravages of "dust bowl" drought. Tha Lake Fannin RRA project was the largest of its kind in Texas, assisted at critical stages by Congressman Sam Rayburn, working with the on-site director, Malcolm Campbell. The Lodge and overnight cabins (originally 16) were built in the "rustic style" common to federal park architecture at the time. Lake Fannin is registered on the National Historic Register of Historical Places. We are fortunate that so many of the original structures are still capable of being saved. In the cabins now open, note the stonework of the fireplaces (each one had an original design), "cross ventilation" above windows, and the door hinges of hammered metal.

   When Lake Fannin was closed by the U.S. Forest Service to the general public in 1995, a long period of neglect and deterioration began. The motivation of volunteers today, working to save the park, is often driven by a memory of "family reunions" years ago, or an understanding of this place's historical meaning fo our country.

Concerning the Bike Trail. (Please No Horses)

The Bike trail is for mountain bikes only. The trail and bridges will not stand up to horses. Please no horses.

Additional information

The Lake Fannin Wilderness Park Texas Inc. meets the 4th Thursday of each month at the Lake Fannin Lodge at 6:00 PM.  The public is invited!  For  information call Elaine Ashlock @ 903-583-5978 or Gabe Parker @ 903-583-7708


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